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Corporate Promotional Items

Corporate Promotional Items

Whether you need giveaway trade show products, personalized promotional items, or upscale executive thank you gifts, JustMar is your source for thousands of items that can be imprinted with your logo and information. Our consultants can help you find the best options from our extensive catalog for your budget and marketing style. We carry all of the classic corporate promotional items, such as pens and calendars, and have added many other great items. Today, we feature everything from high tech USB flash drives and MP3 players to leather jackets. When it comes to marketing, promotional items from JustMar can be used not only by salespeople and corporations, but also by churches, school groups and sports teams. Contact JustMar for business promotional products and allow one of our consultants connect you with the perfect solution.

Classic Imprinted Promotional Pens

Imprinted Promotional Pens

The advertising pen carrying your information and left behind at each potential client's office is a classic form of passive marketing. This is because it does work. Imprinted promotional pens can carry the vital information found on a business card but will be used, unlike business cards which are quickly filed or thrown away. This is a great example of the secret of a good marketing item: it is useful. Corporate promotional items that are useful get used. The logo and information they carry then gets seen. Pens are still a great option for many businesses because they are useful and inexpensive, as are imprinted coffee mugs. At JustMar we have dozens of pens, including several models made from recycled materials.

Useful Imprinted Coffee Mugs

Custom coffee mugs are probably a close second in all time popularity to pens. Of course, this is because they are effective. Imprinted coffee mugs are useful and serve as miniature billboards for your product. Now is a great time to introduce mugs to your clients because many companies are deciding to no longer provide disposable coffee cups in an effort to reduce waste. You can further demonstrate your commitment to going green by choosing one of our recycled mug models.

Other Effective Marketing Promotional Items

JustMar has literally thousands of products. As good as imprinted promotional pens and mugs are, there are so many other options available. We have dozens of recycled items and tote bags that help to reinforce eco-friendly aspects of your company. No matter what you are marketing, promotional items from JustMar make it easier.

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